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To The Perfect
Being Me

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Where nature meets skin and a healthy bond begins

What's in the Beauty Box
A Major Glow Up

body oil 2 oz.jpeg

Face & Body Oil

Reduce Blemishes

all purpose chakra candle.jpg

Chakra Candle

Balance Energy Centers

face roller.jpg

Face Roller


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Mandarin Souffle''

Body Butter - Moisturizer

beauty box socks 2.jpg

Cozy Socks

Next Level Pampering

Luxurious products formulated just for you...



Skincare Bundle - Large



Skincare Bundle - Small





RICH & CREAMY – A moisturizing treat combined to enhance the look and feel of skin. Deep conditioning, exfoliating with a gorgeous glow that brightens skin, heals bumpy patches, even for the most challenging concerns, (i.e., eczema, psoriasis, severely dry skin, etc.)

and the Best Sellers go to...

MISSION: To offer our customers a valuable experience in-person at markets, and for our online shoppers. At PBM Co., you will find healing solutions that deliver consistent benefits created by a company who cares about a healthy you, inside and out!

Pink Sugar

"Loving the skin I'm in now with the mandarin body butter. It just penetrates into my skin, smells good and lasts all day long."


Pink Sugar

"Body butter is so soothing, my son has less eczema flair ups and little to no itching."


Pink Sugar

"You have the whole family using PBMs skincare products and it has made a difference in the look and feel of our skin. Thumbs up Perfect Being Me."


Pink Sugar

"Beautiful sacral chakra candle. Large crystals I love. The fragrance lingers nicely throughout my home."


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