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Crown Chakra Candle contributes to the 7th energy center, and it's located about an inch above the crown of the head. It is the spiritual foundation of our body on this planet, playing the part as a spiritual conduit to connect us to the Divine, higher self, spirit guides, angels, and ancestors.


Size: 12 oz. Glass Jar

Fragrance Notes: Cranberry, Spice Cream

Crystals: Amethyst and Rose Quartz

Luxury Wax Blend: Premium quality wax is 100% natural and completely nontoxic

All natural herb ingredients


Burn Time: approximately 55 hours total; 5-8 hours per ounce


Candle color is magenta to resemble the crown chakra color.

For bulk orders, customized sizes, send email to:


Disclaimer: When purchasing any candle that is not in a jar, or a candle that has toppings which could potentially drip wax over top, be sure to use a dish under the candles. If you experience damage to any property, Perfect Being Me is not liable.

Crown Chakra Candle

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Color: Magenta

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