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7-Day Chakra Balancing Experience

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To create a better world for ourselves and others, our overall well-being must thrive in a healthy environment. We must invest in increasing our worth, our value, our wealth on a consistent basis. Growth and transformation did occur for many of us over the last year, and as we head towards 2023, the Golden Age, we owe it to ourselves and our communities to rise up, like the Phoenix Dragon from outdated ashes, coming into full power, a rebirthing experience to expand our horizons.


With this complimentary retreat, I unveil tools to help you take inventory of the stock in your portfolio of life to determine what to energetically release to evolve. The rate of growth is up to you and how fast you want certain aspects of your life to accelerate. You're moving forward with change anyway, so why not be the agent of change to improve your chakras and release those areas that keep you stuck.


Here, we explore ways to enhance the work on ourselves, in our career, leveling up in relationships, and focusing on what food we put in our mind, body, and spirit. Our goal in this paradigm shift is to build success through rapid manifestation, canceling fear, laying down boundaries; not being afraid to take risks that create opportunities for success. It's time to Unmask Your Beauty, INSIDE OUT...


This retreat will focus on the following areas: 

  1. Glow Up Goal Setting - getting clear on personal elevation

  2. Health & Nutrition - herbs & chakra pairings  to heal

  3. Self-Care Routine - mind, body, spirit focus

  4. Exercise Tips - yoga, low impact movement

  5. Manifestation Ritual - tips to create personal rituals

Bonus: Hormonal Balancing Recommendations

For women of all ages - Keeping our emotions under control, even in stressful situations will support our ability to manifest so much faster. It's about taking our power back and not allowing others to take advantage of us because our inability to see clearly any issue is effected by the fogginess that out of control emotions can create.


When we control emotions we are better equipped to create healthy boundaries. In this retreat we will unpack emotional triggers to better manage our overall health.

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Chakra Balancing  

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