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Crown Chakra Clearing

When I do a chakra clearing on a client, I never know what to expect once the energy has been drained, the fog lifted, and my client returns from an extensive clearing of blockages, feeling balanced and refreshed with a new sense of awareness. A recent client, "Gayle" booked a reading and chakra clearing session because she wanted to understand why she felt mentally drained and stuck all the time, which brought on depression and some sadness. She also wanted to build a psychic connection with her Higher Self to gain a bit more clarity around trust, discernment, especially when it came to love and marriage. She experienced a number of breakups that led to painful traumas in her past relationships and wanted to understand how to avoid repeated mental patterns whereby she attracted the same kind of karmic partnerships. Ultimately, Gayle craved a better life of purpose, to be driven using her spiritual gifts to help others, not continue to see herself in the same predicament time and time again. She was tired of not noticing the 'red flags' and wanted to open her intuition, those natural psychic gifts.

Initially, I was a bit uneasy about working with Gayle's Crown chakra, wanting to aim for the Heart chakra instead. She has been seeing a therapist in the recent past, and mentioned that her session with me was to focus on clearing her mind to sleep better each night and to get her head back into the game of life. I won't give away too much of Gayle's personal business but what I will say is her candle for chakra clearing revealed that during her session, she was on the brink of monumental transformation and as a very powerful person with psychic gifts, she's here on earth to dismantle old thoughts and beliefs about relationships,. That's why she chose those types of men, to end the cycle of abuse, to end karmic debt, and come to newfound truths about herself. Her life would not have been as rich with wisdom and understanding had she not experienced those karmic love challenges. They taught her how to love the Light within too, that she's just as special and worthy too and and now from a non-judgment zone, she can have better relationships, a renewed psychic awareness, and kick mental fog in the A...Gayle is on her way to rebuilding her life as an angel on earth cultivating relationships (to include a companion) with people who respect and honor her too.

During Gayle's clearing, we discussed eating habits and uncovered her love for cheese, lunch meat and beer. I asked her to limit the amount of dairy products she consumed each day to determine if this would help unblock her chakra. Also asked if she would try to remove beer, if possible, just for a week so we can see what type of advantages to expect over the next few days. Within seven days...

Three amazing things happen to Gayle once her Crown chakra was open, clear & balanced:

- Movement from trauma to triumph

- Increase in focus and concentration where it counts

- Daily connection to Higher Self in gratitude

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If you choose to do spiritual work on yourself, always remember to keep your Personal Spiritual Protection (PSP) with you to avoid spiritual attacks from psychic energies, vampires that may attach themselves to you at the grocery store, the mall, school, etc.. At the very basic level, pick up these items and always have them handy for general use:

  • Florida Water

  • Sage

  • White candles

  • Lighter

Before spiritual cleansings, pour Florida Water in the palm of one hand and splash between hands then glide hands down from each shoulder, down each arm asking Divine Spirit for protection. Light the sage asking your guides and angels to clear the space, removing debris, low vibe energy and any unwanted spirits that are present, if any. (This is just to cover all basis) Ask to lift the vibration within and around this space in purity. canceling all fear, releasing negativity, and letting go of all attachments. So, Mote, It Be! Now light your candle and begin to clear your chakra(s) or perform other spiritual work.

This is a simplified version of using PSP to protect yourself from spiritual attacks before and after spiritual work. There are so many versions of protection that exist, just be sure to keep yourself and your family safe when performing healings, magic, and spells.

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