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Throat Chakra
Symbol: Lotus Flower with 16 petals
Element: Air
Color: Light Blue

Advantages of a Balanced Heart Chakra 

  • Independent Thinker 

  • Communicate Effectively and Honestly

  • Express Yourself Creatively

Disadvantages of Imbalances

  • Inability To Express Thoughts Clearly  

  • Fear of Speaking / Excessive Speaking

  • Blocked Creativity

  • Inability to Listen

  • Stiff Shoulders / Tight Neck

  • Problems with Decision Making

  • Tight Neck

Throat Chakra Affirmation:

“Speaking my truth authentically is important to me, even as I am mindful of not intentionally hurting other people’s feelings.

The Sanskrit word for the throat chakra is Vishuddha meaning purification or pure.

This energetic center represents self-expression, creativity, communication, and harmony with self and others. To speak with an authentic voice is to speak your truth.


The throat chakra governs the thyroid gland and when imbalanced, we experience sore throat, horse vocals, and challenges with ear infections.


When we’re afraid or nervous about speaking in front of others, the throat chakra becomes tense and can close, making it difficult to relax while expressing thoughts.


It’s important to walk in faith not fear when communicating your thoughts with others. People can sense fear, so to be heard and no longer afraid of speaking your truth in front of others, practice speaking in the mirror.


You may also hold a throat chakra crystal while practicing and carry one or more of these crystals on your person when speaking your truth to others. 

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