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Third-Eye Chakra
Symbol: Lotus Flower with 2 Large White Petal
Element: Light
Color: Purple

Third-Eye Chakra.jpeg

The Sanskrit word for the third-eye chakra is Ajna meaning command, authority, or knowledge and it’s known as the brow chakra.  The symbol is a lotus flower with 2 large white petals.


This energy center is a very powerful energy center, as it’s connected to your intuition and holds the key to imagine or fantasize.  As a healthy, balanced energy, it allows creative thinkers to use its functionality to materialize their intuitive imaginings. 


One is literally able to use the information downloaded or channeled from the higher mind through night/day dreams and turn the visualization into reality. 


If this chakra becomes unbalanced or has a low-level vibrating frequency, the individual may not hear the small still voice that directs and guides their path.   

Third Eye.jpg

Advantages of a Balanced Third-Eye Chakra 

  • Use intuition instead if judgement to make decisions 

  • A sense of perception 

  • Concentration and discipline 

  • Fearless 

Disadvantages of an Imbalanced Third-Eye Chakra 

  • lack of touch with reality 

  • confusion 

  • lack of concentration 

  • Feeling Afraid 

Third-Eye Affirmation:

“I make sound decisions, using clear intuition and guidance from my higher-self connection.” 

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