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7 Day Chakra Balancing Retreat

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Ready to achieve your life goals for 2022 to include self-care routines that work? A health and wellness self-care practice that will balance your energy centers is your secret weapon to elevating your level of existence without apologizing to anyone for living life as your best self while working towards those lofty ideas that turn into accomplished goals. This 7 day journey will take you on a journey to balance your primary energy centers that have everything to do with how you insert your personality, your character into the world. How do you show up in the world, to your family, friends, boss, co-workers, romantic relationships? Truth is, we all need to do some internal housecleaning from time to time, to balance the course of life that supports our ability to elevate, to inspire and to change the trajectory of our vision. Let's Get Started!

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Chakra Balancing Retreat Group

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